Areas of Specialization
Q: What are your areas of specialization?
A: Please refer to our Services provided page.

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Scale of Fees of GBA
Area of Specialization
Scale of Fees of the Ghana Bar Association.
Q: Can I see a copy of the Scale of Fees of the Ghana Bar Association?
A: Yes, please click Fees button for the Scale of Fees of the Ghana Bar Association.
Legal Due Diligence/Legal Audit
Q: Does your Office conduct legal audit and due diligence for foreign companies, NGO's and governments in respect of Ghanaian companies and legislative framework.
A: Yes but the provision of such services would be governed by the provisions of the Scale of fees of the Ghana Bar Association.
Associations and Affiliations
Q: What associations is the Senior Counsel associated with?
A: He is a member of the Ghana Bar Association, International Bar Association, the Section on Business Law of the International Bar Association and the Capital Markets Forum.

Q: Is the Law Office interested in having affiliations and relationships with other Law Offices around the World?
A: Yes. We believe in sharing experiences and expertise for better service to our clients and clients of other Law Offices doing business in Ghana or with other Ghana companies.
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