1. General Civil and Criminal Practice and Appeals
  2. Contract Law
  3. Commercial Law
  4. Company / Corporate Law
  5. Investment Law
  6. Securities, Banking & Financial Law
  7. Negotiations and Foreign representation
  8. Conveyancing and Drafting
  9. Provision of Legal Due Diligence Services
  10. Monitoring of the Ghana Stock Exchange and activities of listed Companies
  11. Trademarks, Patent, Copyright & Intellectual property issues
  12. Information Communication Technology related legal issues
We have created an investor pool for investors and investment opportunity match making in the Republic of Ghana. Simply put any investor or person with an investment related business who wants to find a pool of likely persons with whom to commence discussions towards a possible joint venture simply sends his details to our Law Office at this email address invest@codjolaw.co.uk

Such person or company would be required to give details of his business activities and make further disclosures which would enable our Law Office make a decision on whether or not to include such person in our Investor Pool. Once the Office decides to include a person in the Investor Pool, we would require such person to pay a monthly pool inclusion rental fee.

The Office does not guarantee any investor or investment related business that it would find a match or a suitable match for it, that the investments in the investment pool indicated by such persons is a sound investment. Each person in the pool is personally and fully criminally and civilly responsible to third parties about each and every representation made and each party accepts that Our Law Office makes no representation of the suitability or otherwise of each investor or investment indicated. No person shall utilize this medium to raise funds for IPO's.

Each Pool Investor decides whether or not such person would want to have an advertisement made on our Law Office web-page and whether the person would want a link to their email or web page. There is a monthly charge for email links and a monthly charge for web page links. Please note that investment decisions are financially transforming decisions which can have lasting positive or negative impact on business. Therefore each Pool Investor is advised to make decisions only after critical examination with the assistance of the qualified professionals.


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The Law Office provides legal services and uses modern and state of the art technology. We are able to communicate using the internet backbone as our support. We deem it in the interest of each client to fashion out a mode of correspondence which is acceptable to our client and which ensures that we provide quality service in an efficient manner.

The Office provides Notary Public Services
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