Our motto is intergrity, sincerity, quality service and dedication to our clients cause. Our Office hours are extremely flexible. We believe that we must be able and ready to respond to our clients need and we believe in the use of technology to delivery legal service.


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The Law Office assist companies and individual seeking joint venture relationships to do comprehensive due-diligence investigations and negotiate joint venture agreements.
The Law Office provides services to requesting parties in the use of alternative dispute resolution methods in resolving problems. The parties to any conciliation, mediation or arbitration willing to appoint the Law Office to provide services in the resolution of any dispute, may contact the Office by use of any of the contact information provided on the web-site.
The Law Office is actively involved in assisting companies interested in different aspects of project financing in Ghana. In this regard the Law Office represents clients seeking for investment opportunities in Ghana and local Ghanaian Companies seeking for foreign companies to link up in joint venture or venture capital related businesses. The Office specializes in the legal aspects of such negotiations, documentation and implementations.

In this regard, the Law Office conduct due diligence on the intended areas of investment and companies intended to be partners of the client of the Law Office. In the case of project finance or venture capital companies seeking investment opportunities in Ghana or local companies seeking foreign joint venture agreement the Client would be required to satisfy preliminary questions to enable the Law Office ascertain that the Client is generally capable of matching its representations before the Office undertakes to represent such client.

Referrals of reputable companies and institutions are considered in determining whether or a client is capable of matching its representations. Our Law Office endeavours to represent credible clients and not permit its services to be hijacked by unscrupulous persons masquerading as Clients.
FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATES - (Bank of Ghana - Banks Indicative Opening Exchange rates provide the actual indicative rates)
The local currency is known as the cedi.
Below are appropriate exchange rates given as guidelines only. The actual rates should be ascertained from the Bank of Ghana website:

United States Dollar to cedi - US$ 1 = approximately 4.00
*United Kingdom pound sterling to cedi - UK 1 = approximately 5.50
*Euro notes to cedi - Euro 1 = 4.80

*( this exchange reate is not precise nor updated in any timely manner. The exchange rate must be consulted on the Bank of Ghana webiste to ascertain the accurate forex rate of this currency in relation to the dollar at any time time)
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