Solicitor /Client relationship in Ghana is governed by the Laws of Ghana and the General Legal Counsel of Ghana. The Laws of Ghana protect client/ Solicitor confidentiality. Ghana has a Data Protection Act which governs the issues of data subject privacy and processing which is adhered to by the Law Office..

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Local & Cross Border Negotiations

Our Office provides Legal Services in respect of companies negotiating in cross border contracts. These include infrastructure development related projects. Some of these cross border contracts involve foreign investors contemplating investment in Ghana, some of these cross border contract involve Ghana companies seeking to partner with foreign investors in projects located in Ghana. Some of these projects involve assisting promoters of companies to incorporate companies with the relevant and appropraite legal and financial equity structure to enable such newly incorporated companies solicit and negotiate with prospective investors interested in equity participation.
We do not sell or give information about clients and people visiting our web pages. We use the web as a backbone to communicate with clients who communicate with us through the web. Clients are however cautioned to appreciate that the web is not the most secure mode of communications and clients are at liberty to request the types of information that they would not like to be communicated to them over the internet. We respect each client's choice of the medium of communication between the Law Office and such client. We do not use cookies for research on visits to our website nor do we webiste visits to track visitors to our website or send them unsolicited mail. We are a professional legal office which respects the privacy and confidentiality rights of our clients and visitors to our website.
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