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Government of Ghana Consultancy Works
2006 -2007 Counsultancy
Member - Ministry of Communication appointment of 6 experts for the drafting of four ICT legislation:
1. Electronic Signature Act
2. Electronic Communications Act
3. National Communications Act
4. National Information Technology Act
Infrastructure Development Consultancy
The Law Office has as a result of several years of providing legal services in investment related matters developed expertise in identifying finance structures, risks assessments and key problems in financing capital intensive projects. The Law Office is developing an international group database for fund managers, private and public companies, Governments, pension fund managers and venture capital companies. The criteria for investment match making would be based on pragmatic, sensible and safe principles.
The conditions on which fund managers, financial institutions, venture capital companies and pension fund managers would be willing to participate in capital intensive projects in African countries would be clearly spelt out. Systems for risks assessment, investment monitoring and assessments and protection of investors funds would be clearly spelt out.
The conditions which has to be satisfied by Governments, private and public companies seeking funding for capital intensive projects and/or joint venture projects would be clearly spelt out.
The Office would provide Investment Conference promotion services for Governments, private and public companies with identified potential and interested funding agencies and bodies. These conferences would provide a platform where preliminary discussions and negotiations would be held. The goal of such conferences would be to provide a platform where issues relating to due diligence inquiries, investment monitoring and a win-win investment framework would be discussed. 
Next trend of ICT Consultancy
Conference Related
1. Organisation of International Conferences on Information CommunicationsTechnology Related Issues
2. The Law Office would organise, co-ordinate resource persons in conjunctions with different entities one of which would be incorporated by the Law Office in the course of this year.
3. Details of Conferences to be organised would be posted on this website at least 3 months prior to such Conference dates.
Further Consultancy
1. The Law Office conducts research in various aspects of Information Technology Issues that third party institutions, Governments or International Organisations may require.
2. The Law Office monitor trends in technology and the challenges that the multi media infrastructure of the internet backbone, rapid development of hardware and software has on the regulatory spheres of  existing regulatory bodies.
Trend of Consultancy
Further Consultancy
Infrastructure Project Finance
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The Law Office provides legal consultancy services in the form of opinions, advise, research and legislative gap analysis in specified areas of legal inquiries. The Office has conducted legislative gap analysis in the legislative basic framework required in the ICT sector for the Ministry of Communication in Ghana. This project was sponsored by USAID-funded Ghana Trade & Investment Program for a Competitive Export Economy (TIPCEE) between 2006-2007. The Ministry of Communication in this project appointed 6 experts to provide the gap analysis and provide required legislation.

The Office has provided Legislative Gap Analysis and related drafting services as Legal Adviser to Omega Consulting, a firm in Denmark providing Consultancy related services in Ghana under an aspect of a DANIDA funded project and related terms of engagement.

The Office has as part of a team of experts, provided legislative gap analysis in respect of second tier legislation required pursuant to the Electronic Transactions Act, the National Information Technology Agency Act, the National Communication Act and the Electronic Communications Act for implementing an e-government and e-Ghana basic environment. Legislative gap analysis was also done in Intellectual Property issues arising from developments in the ICT sector vis-a-vis existing primary legislation. This project is part of a World Bank funded related project.

The Office has provided joint venture ICT Consultancy primary and secondary legislative drafting services for the Government of Ghana acting by the Ministry of Communication. in some additional Primary and secondary legislations. These have strengthened the existing ICT legal framework. The Consultancy is also responsible for the drafting of the Data Protection Bill. The comprehensive list of the heading of the various legislations drafted under this Consultancy can be viewed on www.consultgeneral.co.uk .
The Office has both the experience and capacity to work as Consultants sole or in collaboration with other Consultants on projects for which our input and services may be required. The Office also is willing to participate in Consortium related submission of Request for Proposals (RFP's) for targeted Consulting Works both locally and internationally for which we have the required expertise.

The Office is interested in engaging in joint venture collaborative efforts in the organisation of and participate by key resource persons in ICT related workshops aimed at developing and deepening understand of the legal and technical framework required for the development of internationally competitive and economically viable ICT country/regional grouping legislative framework.
Consultancy Services & Collaborations
Consultancy Services & Collaboration
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